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Friday, May 24, 2013

Evolution fails again says Ian Juby...Creation Science makes testable predictions and are proved to be correct. Talkorigins proves to be wrong as usual!

Ian Juby, as he presents some evidence, reveals falsifable predictions made by creationists which  have proved to be true.    Many predictions of creationists have been shown to be true, including the way natural selection works.   In the second video, Ian answers some skeptics:

You see, when I say that talkorigins is a deliberately deceptive site, I am not engaging in ad hominem attacks, I am simply stating fact.   They use material that has been disproved and that they know is not accurate, BUT if the content fools enough people they are apparently content.
Buyer Beware, right?

I believe you could take sixth grades and spend on semester with a Creationist and a Darwinist teaching the class about origins science and ereation versus evolution and, if you did, only a tiny fraction of the kids would ever believe in evolution.  It is too far-fetched to believe.