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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Silly Balloon Heads - Darwinists and their Censors

Balloons over Londonderry

They are colorful and make a fair amount of noise.   There is no doubt that, at first glance, the balloons have great beauty and seem significant.   But they are sustained by hot air and that is all that keeps them going, so very quickly they must come back to Earth without crashing.   If you expected these balloons to remain in an organized formation and perform the works of Tchaikovsky, you would be disappointed,  the prevailing winds can be vexing!.  If you tried to hire them to carry you across the pond to New York, you would find yourself falling, perhaps into the water?   Some hot air balloons can travel pretty far, but they are primitive and limited.

But if you had the seemingly unending hot air of the NCSE,  maybe you would make it?  Maybe, but Darwinism is like a hot air balloon of the hypothesis when we've traveled to the Moon, sent space missions beyond the Solar System and managed to dive to very nearly the lowest point on Earth.   We have jets that break the speed of sound and information that travels around the world in Mbps or faster. But the National Censorship Socialist Establishment seeks to silence opposition and evidence with the urgency and venom of the Queen determined to be the fairest one of all and ready to murder any Snow Whites that come along.

"NCSE provides information and advice as the premier institution dedicated to keeping evolution and climate change in the science classroom and to keeping creationism and climate change denial out. " 

Two articles I will point you to....

The Wonders of the Solar System

Fraud in Science Marches On!

Hope you read them?  You see, real science uses logic and observation and then makes the best possible hypothesis from the evidence available.  Because Darwinists automatically exclude the possibility of a Creator God, they therefore leave themselves with unsustainable assertions that fall apart when scrutinized.  For instance, the formation of life from non-life is not only impossible mathematically but also chemically.   Cellular Microbiologists know this but they also know that to admit it is to lose grant money and position and stature and even their they soldier on in lockstep, pretending that the impossible is possible and sweeping the subject under the rug.  

Astronomers and Astrophysicists are not any better off, as there is no way to explain how stars form other than from the remains of dying stars.   Their hypothesis for the formation of the Solar System and all the components thereof does not work and they know it.  But they cannot admit to this for the same reason biologists cannot admit that life cannot come from non-life.

Paleontologists and Geologists know that the anomalies in the sedimentary rocks and the fossil record cannot be defended and the Flood is the only logical explanation for the surface of the Earth.  They know it or they blind themselves to the truth, same difference.  

I give a small chunk of my life to informing people of the true evidence that does support creation by God and the hopelessness of the hypothesis of Darwinism that leads people to the hopelessness of Atheistic Naturalism.  They hope that life is strictly natural and has no supernatural component and that life will simply cease with their last breath.  Yet they cannot account for the formation of life nor the vast amount of information that all organisms contain and the fact that information comes only from minds and not the natural world.  Occam's Razor is no longer respected and the great scientists who actually invented science itself, almost every single one of them believers in a God-created Universe would be dismissed as cranks today.  All because of the desire of men to be god in place of God Himself.   Truly the majority of the modern scientific world has based their worldviews on fairy tales and humbugs!  

Read Evolution and the Nature of Reality today and think on what is asserted.  Do yourself a favor.  Do not depend on the hot air balloons of Darwinism.  They cannot fly for long and they cannot go into outer space nor can they dive to the depths of the oceans.  They can just hover overhead for awhile, depending upon hot air to keep them aloft.  They will eventually come back to Earth.  If you truly want to traverse the Universe and know the Truth, you will find Jesus Christ and know God Himself.  

Someday I will leave this mortal coil and I will be with the Creator God.  I stepped out in faith to depend upon Christ and after years of belief I suppose it has gone from simple belief to a close to knowledge as mankind can hope to attain?   Years of depending upon God to live in me and guide me and change me from the inside out brought me to certainty.  There is nothing I could give you that would be of infinite value other than to point you to Jesus Christ and hope that you see that He is truly the Way, the Truth and the Life.  If you ever grok this, you will have more than all the gold in Fort Knox and it will not be left behind when you take your last breath!

John 14:6 ESV = "Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.'"