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Sunday, July 07, 2013

What the hell just happened? 'Tyranny By Executive Order' | by Constitutional Attorney Michael Connelly, J.D.

Barack Obama is King George on steroids...We interrupt the Darwinist Hall of Shame to allow for the following blogpost.   By using government agencies and executive orders, Barack Obama is shredding the Constitution and the majority of Americans seem blissfully unaware...Tyrants always begin as "men of the people" before revealing themselves as dictators.  

What the hell just happened? 'Tyranny By Executive Order' | by Constitutional Attorney Michael Connelly, J.D.

What the hell just happened? That is the question that many Americans should be asking themselves following the news conference where Obama unveiled his plan for destroying the Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution. At first glance it appeared to be a case of Obama shamelessly using the deaths of innocents, and some live children as a backdrop, to push for the passage of radical gun control measures by Congress. Most of these have no chance of passing, yet, Obama’s signing of Executive orders initiating 23 so called Executive actions on gun control seemed like an afterthought.

Unfortunately, that is the real story, but it is generally being overlooked. The fact is that with a few strokes of his pen Obama set up the mechanisms he will personally use to not only destroy the Second Amendment to the Constitution, but also the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments. It will not matter what Congress does, Obama can and will act on his own, using these Executive actions, and will be violating both the Constitution and his oath of office when he does it.

Here are the sections of the Executive Order that he will use:

“1. Issue a Presidential Memorandum to require federal agencies to make relevant data available to the federal background-check system.”

What exactly is relevant data? Does it include our medical records obtained through Obamacare, our tax returns, our political affiliations, our military background, and our credit history? I suggest that all of the above, even if it violates our fourth Amendment right to privacy will now be relevant data for determining if we are allowed to purchase a firearm.

“2. Address unnecessary legal barriers, particularly relating to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, that may prevent states from making information available to the background-check system.”

This should be read in conjunction with section 16 of the order that says:

“16. Clarify that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes.”

One of the few amendments successfully placed in Obamacare by conservatives does appear to prohibit doctors from asking such questions. Yet, with these two Executive actions, Obama is illegally amending an act of Congress and setting up a procedure for him to force doctors to gain information from patients about gun ownership, and to get our medical history.

Section 3 of Obama’s order states:

“3. Improve incentives for states to share information with the background- check system.”

Once again, what does this mean? What information does the Federal government want from the states? Copies of state personal and business income tax returns or court records of divorce and child custody cases are possibilities that come to mind as well as our voter registrations showing our party affiliations. How does any of this figure into our right to purchase a firearm?

One of the most dangerous and troubling sections of the Obama order in Section 4 that states:

“4. Direct the attorney general to review categories of individuals prohibited from having a gun to make sure dangerous people are not slipping through the cracks.”

This section directs Eric Holder, the architect of Operation Fast and Furious that illegally transferred several thousand semi automatic weapons to Mexican drug cartels and resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Mexican citizens and several U.S. border patrol agents, to now add people indiscriminately to the list of Americans ineligible to purchase firearms. Who might be added to the list?

Well, let’s look at the record of the Obama administration. Shortly after being appointed as the Director of the Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano sent a list of potential domestic terrorists to law enforcement agencies around the country. The list included individuals who were pro-life, who supported the Second Amendment, who had Ron Paul bumper stickers on their cars, and most disturbing, all members of the military returning from combat in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The list has recently been supplemented to include individuals who hoard more than a week's supply of food and water, and those who support individual liberties and oppose big government. I belong on most of these lists and I suspect that Eric Holder will be adding all of us to the list of dangerous people not qualified to own guns. In other words, you will no longer have to be a convicted felon or mentally ill to make the list; you will qualify simply by being an American patriot.

This is not a conspiracy theory, at the United States Justice Foundation we are seeing increasing evidence that military veterans are being specifically targeted by the Obama administration when it comes to prohibitions against purchasing firearms. Any veteran diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is in danger of being banned from owning a firearm.

Even those veterans suffering from mild depression are being added. None of these conditions constitute a mental illness that makes them a danger to themselves or others. However, in Obamaland veterans who took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, are definitely considered a threat to the new Fuehrer and must not be allowed to own firearms.

If we skip to Section 6 of the order we get a good idea of Obama's real intentions when it comes to gun control. That sections states:

"6. Publish a letter from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to federally licensed gun dealers providing guidance on how to run background checks for private sellers."

This is particularly interesting because one of the legislative proposals is to require universal background check requirements for any firearm transfer even between private citizens. In other words, you can sell your firearm or even give it to someone s a gift without Federal government approval. It is doubtful that this proposal will pass in the House of Representatives, yet Obama is already setting up the mechanism for enforcing the requirement. That is a clear signal that he doesn't care what Congress does, he is going to violate the Constitution and bypass the Legislative branch in order to push his agenda to disarm the American people. I suspect he will ultimately use Executive orders to ban many weapons including most rifles and pistols.

There are numerous other actions dictated in the Obama order, but I think you get the idea. Our Second Amendment right is going to be taken from us for whatever reasons Obama decides. The simple act of opposing these actions can cause the Attorney General to place you on the list of dangerous people. Our privacy will be violated and all of this will be done without due process of law. That is what just happened.

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What happened to Constitutional government?   We can see that the hedonism that Aldous Huxley feared would destroy society, in conjunction with the Communist/Socialist worldview of the Anti-Colonialist radical President of the United States predicted by the writings of George Orwell are turning the great Shining Light on a Hill that was the USA into a Dystopia.   Ayn Rand warned of the dangers of the collectivist mindset and all of these writers, all with differing worldviews, knew that if government could sucker enough people into putting pleasure above freedom and would be willing to give up individual freedoms for temporary thrills or a some kind of free lunch, then tyranny would result.

Whether he be called a king or an emperor or a president, a tyrant will always make sure he and his inner circle will get rich at the expense of the productive members of society and their thirst for power and riches never ends.   All you have to do is look at the big cities ruled by Democratic Machines and most of them are falling apart, going bankrupt, with large areas of abandoned houses and cracked sidewalks and broken streets and temperate jungles taking over the once-well kept neighborhoods.   Wild dogs run in packs, crackheads and gang-bangers squat in abandoned houses and control entire neighborhoods.  Even the police  are loathe to enter some areas at night.   Look at the urban blight of Gary, of Cleveland, of East Chicago, of Detroit, of East St. Louis... 

Cities like Chicago, where the Machine is wiser and steals less of the production from the people there are areas where murders are not only commonplace but often unreported.   Same with Los Angeles.  Same with New York.   The largest cities that have tremendous resources and take less of a skim from the people and yet poverty and gangs and broken families and children with no leadership and people with no homes are found in abundance.   I remember awakening early one day while visiting San Diego and finding that the streets were full of homeless folks, scrounging for any scraps of food or useful things cast aside by tourists and random partiers from the night before.   As the dawn broke fully, the people who were out and about seemed to disappear (perhaps a tacit arrangement between the homeless and the police) and the streets were now pristine and ready for the tourists to roll out of bed and spend their money, for the businesses to open, for the freeways to be filled with automobiles.   

In Chicago there is an underground community of homeless folks who are occasionally rousted by the police unless they are legally hawking newspapers of some kind.   Beggars are driven from the public view in the Loop.   Again, tourists are funneled into the bright, glamorous and clean areas of the city while there are places they would be like chum for sharks if they wandered too far off the beaten track.  Even in our nation's capitol, the mean streets are just a few blocks from Pennsylvania Avenue, streets where cars are often up on blocks and drugs, prostitution and robbery/theft are a means of supplementing government paychecks for being poor at the expense of the well-being of others.   Back when I was working there, everyone knew 14th Street would be filled with hookers after sunset, walking boldly out into the streets to attract the attention of men in passing cars and accompanied by the drug dealers and thieves waiting to find a customer or a mark.  

Perhaps you live out in the boondocks and have no idea what happens in inner cities where Democratic leadership has stripped people of their dignity, their motivation and their jobs in exchange for a handout.   Perhaps you live in such a city and have an inkling of such things, but simply avoid the danger zones and ignore the overall problem?   But such nonchalance is dangerous, for the USA is like the Titanic and there are icebergs ahead!   Once the tipping point is reached, if it is indeed reached, there will be opportunities for anarchy and men hungry for power waiting to pounce when it comes.   

To strip Americans of their Constitutional rights, as the Democrats in power now have been working hard to do for several years and, to an extent, for several decades is to prepare for tyranny to triumph.  There are far too many legislators who do not see or do not care about the dangers of the measures being taken by the Obama Administration and many are complicit in it...right now we have the answer to right the ship and steer away from the icebergs.   It is called VOTING!!!   If you do not vote out every single collectivist and every single quisling and Beltway Boy who have become comfortably numb on their fat salaries and benefits and the lavish attentions of lobbyists?   Well, if America joins the long line of great nations that fell from within before they were overtaken from without, it will be your fault!   You should have known!!!

You yawned at Obamacare and you are already paying more for your medical care.
You whine about energy prices but you voted in the guy who promised to ruin our energy production.
You ignored all the voter fraud.
You forgot about ACORN.
You failed to see the outrageous intelligence failure associated with the killing of Bin Laden.
You feigned outrage at Fast and Furious and then forgot about it.
You were disturbed at Benghazi but not enough to demand true accountability.
You do not care that the USA sends billions to nations that support the very terrorists intent on blowing us to kingdom come.
You find out your personal information is being scrutinized by the government, that your calls and emails and such things are being searched without a warrant and what do you do?

Heck, you think dealing with the dandelions in the front yard is of more importance than your rights won by the blood of soldiers from the 1700's until today.  Yes, even now our military is being attacked and killed in Afghanistan but you do not consider how the new rules of engagement almost guarantee that our troops have a tactical and strategic disadvantage in a war being fought in the wrong way with the wrong weapons because the Commander-In-Chief is clueless about the history of the region and apparently uncaring as well.

Do you care?  

It is not too late...yet.   But it sure is getting close!


Anonymous said...

Not sure why you had to present this with any urgency, since it's in reference to something that happened half a year ago.

"You do not care that the USA sends billions to nations that support the very terrorists intent on blowing us to kingdom come."

If this isn't a reference to the Reagan/Bush administrations supporting Osama bin Laden, what exactly are you referring to?

As for your fears of the alleged Obama tyranny: In 2017 we can compare the records of the Bush and Obama years and whether any of your paranoid predictions have any basis in reality.

radar said...

Speechless...maybe there are alternate realities? You live in a different world, my friend! My predictions that Obama would grow government, erode the Constitution, raise all energy costs and destroy our reputation as a nation and as a financial entity have already come true. Predictions are now reality and more trouble is ahead.

You ever hear of a song by the Grateful Dead called Casey Jones?

"Trouble with you is the trouble with me
Got two good eyes but we still don't see
Come 'round the bend, you know it's the end
The fireman screams and the engine just gleams"

Anonymous said...

The problem with your partisan wishful thinking is that we had two terms of Bush followed by Obama, and these things you had "predicted" had already happened before Obama even took office.

And was your mention of the US supporting terrorists a reference to Reagan supporting the mujahideen or wasn't it?

radar said...

You really don't live in the real world, do you? Unemployment, energy prices and death in Afghanistan are far higher under Obama...and he has acquired more debt than all the Bush's put together! wonder Democrats keep winning elections!

Now The Who come to mind...

christian soldier said...

R-your predictions are/were- right on--
it is tough being a 'prophet' isn't it--
folks just roll their eyes until until they are hit between those eyes--

Anonymous said...

So was your mention of the US supporting terrorists a reference to Reagan supporting the mujahideen or wasn't it?

Unemployment was higher under Reagan than under Obama. That's something that we in the "real world" call a "fact".

You'll have to be a bit more specific about energy prices - gas prices were higher under Bush IIRC. But of course in a capitalist system, the president doesn't get to set gas prices.

And as for the debt accrued under Obama, I suspect you've got some misleading assumptions at play there. Government spending on the whole has slowed down under Obama.

radar said...

This anon commenter is amazing. Everything you say is a complete lie!

Obama has killed our oil/gas/coal production at every turn and prices are WAY higher than under Reagan. You, sir, are completely gonzo in the noggin! He has blocked every atomic energy plant that was not already approved and is trying to kill the coal companies. He sends huge amounts of money to the Egypt and the Sauds and the Brotherhood.

The deficit has grown more under Obama than even I thought possible. My debt clock whirls so fast it would make a nice floor fan.

Your comments are fictional and I have to wonder how you can live in such a dream you have a vast amount of money so gas prices and fuel costs do not bother you? Do you avoid doctors and have someone else shop for you? You are either sheltered or your sanity is in question. Astonishing how bizarre a world some progressives build for themselves.

Just remember that this Obama is destroying the future of your children and your children's children. Every one of them owes more that 50 thousand dollars because of our central government and Obama is the biggest spender of all time. Wow!

Anonymous said...

So was your mention of the US supporting terrorists a reference to Reagan supporting the mujahideen or wasn't it?

Since you've evaded this question three times now, I take it that you have no factual argument against it.

Ditto for the honor of highest unemployment numbers since statistics were compiled going to President Reagan.

Obama the biggest spender? We'll have to wait until his term is done. Perhaps he is, perhaps he isn't, but AFAIK Bush 43 is the biggest spender. And keep in mind the spending implications of policies put in place by Bush that still need to be paid off under subsequent presidents.

"Obama has killed our oil/gas/coal production at every turn and prices are WAY higher than under Reagan. You, sir, are completely gonzo in the noggin!"

Your reading comprehension is found wanting. I had said this: "You'll have to be a bit more specific about energy prices - gas prices were higher under Bush IIRC. But of course in a capitalist system, the president doesn't get to set gas prices."

Perhaps you can show me where I "lied" that "oil/gas/coal" prices were higher under Reagan.

radar said...

You did not give any factual arguments to evade. How do I evade hot air? Anyone with a grade school math background can easily see energy costs are WAY higher and the deficit has climbed astronomically. I mean, you are coming in basically saying water isn't wet and challenging me to argue against it.

Anonymous said...

You evaded a question about Reagan's support for the mujahideen and a statement that Reagan had higher unemployment figures than Obama (Reagan peaked at 10.8% and Obama at 10% IIRC), which is hardly the same as evading hot air.

As for energy costs, you seem to suffer from some kind of socialist delusion that the US president has levers in the Oval Office that he can use to perfectly steer the costs of all energy prices. He can have some influence on some factors affecting some aspects of the prices, but it's hardly as simplistic as you like to believe.

radar said...

You have never heard of things like the Department of Energy and the Department of the Interior and the EPA, of permits to drill, and things like that? Do you not understand that America has vast resources that are being deliberately untapped by this President to make us dependent on foreign oil and possibly ruin the coal industry while, foil hat firmly in place, laboring under the delusion (or pretending to be) that human activities can raise the temperature of the global climate.

The Climate Alarmists even switched their theme from global warming to climate change BECAUSE the climate is not warming (and we can prove it) and the faked information leaked from the IPCC and CRU made enough scientists and other folks jump off of the Global Warming Canard train. Yet Obama acts as if it is all real.

He made sure to block the Keystone pipeline, stop offshore drill platforms being built (after trying desperately to hinder Gulf cleanup efforts) and stop new atomic energy plant permits.

I will not bother trying to get you to see reason, whoever you are, you are living in an alternate reality of some kind. Reagan took over the disaster of the Carter Presidency, rebuilt our reputation in the world, turned the economy around, managed to ruin the Iron Curtain countries by having the military might to thwart them and the economic means to outlast them until they fell apart from within. When the Berlin Wall was taken down, we knew Reagan had been the one to lead the way to freedom for millions of people. Are you old enough to even remember the Carter Administration? He kowtowed to terrorists but our hostages were freed as soon as Reagan came on the scene because they KNEW he would blast them to smithereens if they didn't.

The Reagan era ushered in a new prosperity that lasted through Bush and Clinton and was not ruined until the Democrats in the House and Senate figured out how to turn Fannie and Freddie and use ACORN to give away housing to those who could not pay and bundle the bad loans with good securities. I have already shown the videos of the Democrats like Barney Frank and Maxine Waters lying as the financial ship was scuttled. McCain was gullible enough to get gamed right before the election but we know now he is brave but not smart. You, on the other hand? No clue.

Chaos Engineer said...

This bit jumped out at me:

16. Clarify that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes.”

One of the few amendments successfully placed in Obamacare by conservatives does appear to prohibit doctors from asking such questions.

Wow! Every time I think conservatives can't sink any lower, they surprise me again! Whatever happened to the First Amendment?

I mean, seriously! Assuming that Connelly is telling the truth, this part of the ACA says that my doctor could be arrested just for asking me if I want to go hunting with him next weekend.

I don't agree with everything that President Obama does, but I've got to give him credit for announcing that he's going to refuse to enforce this blatantly unconstitutional act of tyranny. Not only will that save us taxpayers from having to pay for the inevitable court cases, but it makes anti-American traitors like Michael Connelly whine like turbines.

Other than that, the article was just a bunch of far-fetched "what ifs" and "maybes". If anything bad ever happens as a result of the Executive Orders then us Real Americans will deal with it through the courts and the legislature the way we always do.

radar said...

Let's not fool ourselves, Chaos, the agencies under the President are currently unstoppable by Congress or the court system. He uses them to rule by fiat. Did Congress vote on these? No. Did the American people ask for them? No! Obamacare is such a mess they STILL do not even know what it says or what to do with it, it is filled with enough legal holes to drive an semi through and more loopholes than an entire men's clothing warehouse.

Such directives are not voted on by our representatives and are directly in violation of the Constitution. So far Obama has gone after the Bill of Rights like he wants to rip them to shreds. Uninformed or propagandized voters keep voting in such tyrannical socialists. We will be one great big Detroit if we don't vote these guys out. It doesn't help when supposedly educated voters are totally clueless.

Clueless! Anyone who would vote for Obama or anyone who agrees with him would make Alicia Silverstone's character look like a genius.

radar said...

Anonymous said...

As I said at the outset, "In 2017 we can compare the records of the Bush and Obama years and whether any of your paranoid predictions have any basis in reality."

Having said that, you're clearly blind to any objective assessment of the Obama presidency. You're obviously old enough to have experienced the Bush 43 presidency, and yet the irony of "Reagan took over the disaster of the Carter Presidency, rebuilt our reputation in the world, turned the economy around" escapes you.

Anonymous said...

"Do you not understand that America has vast resources that are being deliberately untapped by this President to make us dependent on foreign oil"

Before you put on your tinfoil hat, you might want to check out the economic realities. You can't very well insist that those resources be used and at the same time demand low gas prices.

Here's an overview that should help make this clearer, from that well-known lefty outfit, Forbes magazine:

radar said...

Look, I happen to know we have untapped resources that we can easily obtain. If we ever get a President who doesn't hate the USA again, the vast oil resources we have will be used, the offshore sites will be put up by us before the Chinese build in international waters and side-sip our own oil away from us. The coal industry can carry on, the atomic energy plants can begin being built again and research into "trash-to-treasure" systems will be encouraqed.

When the private sector is allowed to compete for new ways of finding and providing energy, the costs of energy go down. When government subsidizes bad ideas, we throw billions down the crapper.

Under this President there have been so many boondoggle projects okayed as "stimulus" efforts that it boggles the mind. A statue of a fish? A solar energy company with no new designs that work and no clients? Basically robbing Indiana pensions to give away much of Chrysler to Italy? Building windmill farms in places where they freeze up in winter and cost more to fix than the energy they produce?

Then there is Obamacare. This so-called transparent government said "we have to pass it to be able to tell you what is in it" or words to that effect. I went to a meeting with our Congressman and he did not know what the bill did, even when we pointed out key parts of the bill that would be detrimental. He dodged the question and ended his "town hall" meeting early because we would not let him pontificate and demanded he answer Obamacare questions. He didn't have a clue...but he voted for it, knowing his constituency was angry.

Such nonsense...and then commenters like you depend on the lamestream media for your information. No wonder we are falling apart!

"They define a republic to be a government of laws, and not of men." --John Adams

Anonymous said...

You know, Radar, whenever a claim of yours is blatantly falsified, you resort to non-specific, vague conspiracy theories and change the subject to a bunch of other rants. You're not arguing from a position of reason, but a position of personal pride - something the Christian in you might want to reflect on in a quiet moment.

"Look, I happen to know we have untapped resources that we can easily obtain."

I presented an article that contained specific facts. If you want to take issue with those facts, by all means present a reasoned rebuttal.

The vast oil resources in the Green River formation are not useful for cheap energy. On the contrary - more energy needs to be expended to recover this oil than it actually will generate. This means that it is not compatible with your simultaneous desire for low gas prices.

Where are these untapped resources and in what form are they? Please present your knowledge of these untapped resources and by what efficient method they can be easily obtained.

And if you think anything in the article I presented is an intentional falsehood, please point out what you think it might be.

radar said...

What is more fun than intentional ignorance, eh? Here we go. There is not enough room in one comments thread for all the efforts of the Obama Administration to block and even destroy energy sources...unless they are failed schemes by cronies like Solyndra!

Government source gives high numbers for shale oil that is recoverable with current methods: (A government source)

10 Billion barrels of oil in ANWAR alone. Alaska and the natives of the area want this resource tapped. But Bill Clinton and now Barack Obama are blocking this resource. Tribal leaders want the oil and local wildlife always appreciate oil pipelines as an area of some warmth in the coldest parts of the winter. Color Obama stupid and determined to choke off access to our resources.

Obama vowed to destroy the coal industry (on video) -

This list includes atomic energy plants blocked by Obama and a list of his anti-energy rulings and actions -

An Illinois source -

I could go on and on... anyone with a desire to research the subject would know that Obama uses fuel like it was free while making sure the public is paying high prices and blocking new drilling and recovery efforts at every hand.

radar said...

Obamacare is a disaster as well, naturally. Want to tell your story?

My company pays me a medical bonus each month. I pay cash for medical care and have done so for years now.

My doctor had to join an coalition of hospital-and-clinics and his consequent paperwork and bureaucracy meant he raised his costs in some cases to double his previous charges. I get a 20-25% discount for paying cash so they don't have to mess with extra forms and waiting for the slow pays of insurance.

I got a 33% discount from the hospital and surgeon when I paid cash for my knee operation and I got a similar discount from the hospital and doctor when I contracted MRSA and paid cash. In both cases the hospital and doctor took a down payment and gave me a 12 to 18 month interest-free payment plan. That is how bad the Obamacare drudgery and red tape really is! Cash payers get discounts and free credit terms. But the initial cost of care is still higher.

I've had shoulder surgery to remove a tumor, knee surgery and fought off MRSA (which kills more people than AIDS) all as a cash-payer. If I had insurance, I would have been required to stay in the hospital with MRSA for a minimum of a week. As a cash payer, I talked my way out in less than a day and took a pill that was still being tested from my doctor. As a trial participant I got thousands of dollars worth of pills for ten dollars. Me 1, MRSA 0.

Now apparently I will have to get some kind of cut-rate useless insurance to meet Obamacare requirements. But I might fight it on Constitutional grounds. Obamacare certainly violates the 10th Amendment. Look it up! Perhaps we need to pass an amendment that limits specifically the powers of the Supreme Court to the duties originally proscribed, as they have FAR overstepped their authority in the last 100 years?

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