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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"Science" on the Left

A while back, I asked Matt Slick of CARM if he agreed with my speculation that unbelievers tended to be politically on the left. He replied with a strong affirmative. There are a few atheists that are Conservatives, but they are few (S.E. Cupp is a Conservative, and has been maligned for not being vicious. Guess that's a part of the "No True Atheist" fallacy.) Many believe in "science" as the savior of the world. This is the religion of Scientism, and science itself has failings.

Political and religious leftists have many behavior patterns in common. Some of these include equivocating "evolution" and "global warming" with "science", attacking people who dare to show facts that dispute their views, using loaded terminology to demonize people they do not like, emotional manipulation, legislative manipulation, bullying in general and more. They also support their own kind, no matter how wicked or wrong they are. It's about the ideology, not about the true spirit of scientific inquiry nor about how to best serve their country.
The Union of Concerned Scientists’ list of champions only includes those who take far-left political stances on the issues.
Live Science republished a list from the Union of Concerned Scientists by Seth Shulman, one of their senior staff writers. Under the title, “Got Science? Champions Who Stood Up for Science in 2013,” the list is noteworthy for its extreme leftist bias. Even though his list of six champions promises to include those “from every political persuasion,” the two arguably conservative entrants were nevertheless praised for standing against other conservatives on political issues. The list appears to equate “science” with left-leaning political positions on each issue, such as:
Nope, sorry Bubbles, you have to read the list and commentary at "Got Scientism? Champions of “Science” All Leftists".

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