Fundamentally Flawed Atheist Logic

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

We’re going to take a different approach on this article and ask you to do some of the work. I’ll ‘splain later, Loocy.

There are two segments in a broadcast of Chris Rosebrough’s “Fighting for the Faith” ("Comparing what people are saying in the name of God to the Word of God") with audio excerpts and comments to be downloaded or listened to at the site. In the first one, he discusses some comments and tactics by Laurence Krauss that are disingenuous and illogical. While Chris points out several problems with Krauss’ comments, players of “Spot the Fallacy” can see several more problems.

Just like when a materialist atheist demands “proof” of God’s existence he or she is committing a logical fallacy called the “Category Mistake” (or “Category Error”), it is also absurd to look upon scientists as experts in everything — including theology. In a similar manner, when people like Krauss or Clinton R. Dawkins discuss the nature or existence of God, they are going beyond their areas of expertise. Rosebrough uses an illustration of going to the proper specialist to deal with a sports injury.

The other segment is from an ongoing series where Chris takes on the so-called History Channel’s hit piece on the Bible, “Bible Secrets Revealed”. There are no secrets, they are not revealing anything that wasn’t known for a long time already, and they are using liberal “scholars” who do not believe that the Bible means what it says anyway.

OK, here’s the place where you need to pay attention. Go to “Fighting for the Faith”, “When Atheist Scientists Cheat”, and look for the links to listen online or the download. I recommend the download. The segments described here are consecutive on the show, and he has some humorous music to introduce each part.

The Laurence Krauss segment begins at 32 minutes 50 seconds through 50 minutes 58 seconds.
The section exposing the “Bible Secrets Revealed” stuff immediately follows at 51.00 minutes and goes through the 1 hour 12 minutes 29 seconds mark.

Bonus: Bob Enyart of “Real Science Radio” debated Krauss. I lost count of the fallacies (check for “elephant hurling”), and wearied of the man’s obnoxious and discourteous manner. Look for the links to listen or download near the top of each page, Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here.

This is well worth your time.