Low-Information Leadership...because of low information voters and government so-called education....

It is the sad-but-truth of American life.  Too many people do not think critically and many of the most liberal and arrogant of them do not even realize it!  My commenters (the troll sector) are smugly self-satisfied like the passengers on the Titanic when they first felt that sudden BUMP.  

After all, the ship (of state) could not sink, right?   Uh, you are not right.  Peggy Noonan, writing in the Wall Street Journal will try to get you thinking...

Low-Information Leadership

The president’s problem right now is that people think he’s smart. They think he’s in command, aware of pitfalls and complexities. That’s his reputation: He’s risen far on his brains. They think he is sophisticated.
That is his problem in the health insurance debacle.
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When the Clinton Administration left the White House, massive amounts of property had been stolen and lots of child-like graffiti and vandalism was perpetrated.   Typewriters and keyboards were missing the letter, "W" and trash was everywhere.   The service staff were nearly united in their delight that the pompous Clinton people were gone.   The Clintons did some bad and some good things, but the Obama Administration is already vandalizing the entire country and damaging our economy and poisoning the judges and agencies with crooks and Communists.  


you are thoroughly spot on my friend and the ignorance has cost us our precious Nation..God bless you.
Chaos-Engineer said…
This somehow puts me in mind of the speech that President Obama made the other day. Here's a paragraph from it:

We will make it work for all Americans. If you don’t like this law -- (applause) -- so, if despite all the millions of people who are benefitting from it, you still think this law is a bad idea then you’ve got to tell us specifically what you’d do differently to cut costs, cover more people, make insurance more secure. You can’t just say that the system was working with 41 million people without health insurance. You can’t just say that the system is working when you’ve got a whole bunch of folks who thought they had decent insurance and then when they got sick, it turned out it wasn’t there for them or they were left with tens of thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs that were impossible for them to pay.

Obama could be the dumbest person in the world and it wouldn't matter as long as his opponents were even dumber than that.

And it seems like that's what's happened. When the Republican leadership is asked to provide an alternative, the best they can come up with is, "Um. Tort reform? Deregulation?" ("Tort reform" means limiting the payouts in cases of malpractice, so that doctors wouldn't need to be as careful and could work faster. "Deregulation" means making it easier for insurance companies to come up with excuses not to pay claims, which would allow them to charge lower premiums. It takes a special kind of brain to come up with ideas like those.)

Personally I'd like to go to a Canadian-style single-payer system, but that's not possible in the current political climate, so Obamacare is about the best I can expect.

By the way, I saw back on an earlier thread you were saying that you didn't want to use the ACA website because you were concerned about identity theft.

I think the risk of that has been wildly exaggerated, but if you're really concerned then you don't need to submit any personal information.

Basically you want to start by finding out what subsidies you're eligible for, and then shop for available plans without setting up an account. (Remembering that the prices you see are without the subsidy.) Once you've decided on a policy you like, there's an 800 number you can call to sign up. You can also get the policy directly from the insurance company or a broker, but in that case you won't get any subsidies that you'd be qualified for.

Here's a link to get you started: https://www.healthcare.gov/how-do-i-apply-for-marketplace-coverage/