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Sunday, March 15, 2020

COVID-19: Darwin Approved

There is hysteria from people politicizing and profiting from it, but COVID-19 should be, if they were consistent in their beliefs, a cause of celebration for Cowboy Bob Sorensen

This article was inspired by comments made by Dr. James R. White on The Dividing Line regarding the current hysteria regarding the Coronavirus 2019 disease.

Before we go any further, here is an article that should help calm some fears. See "More Thoughts on the New Coronavirus".

People are politicizing the virus, hypocritically complaining that calling it the Wuhan Virus is "racist" despite the fact that diseases are often named because of where they originated or obtained notoriety (I see the humor in the name "Kung Flu"), ChiCom propagandists are attempting to blame the United States, the weak response of Caliph Obama to the H1N1 virus is downplayed, and more.

Watch and read fake news sources who have panel discussions with politicians, celebrities, economists, and scientists with leftist political meanings, and the hysteria is fueled. The fact that people who have little or no knowledge of how science works, especially medical science are making uninformed chin music, and the panic is worse than the disease itself. Indeed, people are acting like we are living in The Stand or I Am Legend.

I work for a company that has little or no respect for the people it depends on. Ironically, people are talking about the virus, but we are unable to keep "social distance" in this cube farm, and the maharajas in power suddenly mandate overtime. They ignore how employees have other jobs, families, medical conditions, responsibilities, lives to lead, and so on. (I don't have time or space to discuss how they are not using proper logic in solving problems. Maybe in another article.) The manager has compassion and makes some exceptions, but the company as a whole practices Darwinistic laissez-faire capitalism (1 Tim. 6:10, James 5:4-5). No concern that we could be spreading the virus to each other.

Proponents of microbes-to-microbiologist evolution have disingenuously attempted to claim that COVID-19 is evidence for their belief system, but that is nowhere near the truth. Evolutionists, look at who is affected. Why not celebrate? This is a logical conclusion to your worldview. No need for tests, medical care, or even compassion. According to atheism and evolutionism, our reason to exist is to simply pass along our genes. Actually, the hopelessness presented in their worldview is obscene. True purpose in life is found in our Creator.

Don't be disunderstanding me now. Let's not go off the deep end in the other direction.

I am in favor of reasonable precautions, whether in response to COVID-19 or even the "regular" flu (which kills thousand of people every year). However, I reject politicization, taking opportunities for personal gain, and especially hysteria. People who live in fear of the virus or global climate change that is spread by environmental cultists have this in common: their fears are ultimately based on their rejection of the power and plans of God.

Again, why should evolutionists and atheists care about deaths from the Coronavirus? If you were consistent, you should be happy. You're offended at what I said? Bless your hearts. By objecting to this, you're showing that you cannot be consistent. In fact, you are silently admitting that your beliefs do not work, and you are standing on the biblical worldview — beginning at Genesis 1:1.

The following video is something I excerpted and edited together. The original can be found here. If you'll excuse me, I realized I haven't seen I Am Legend yet.