Failed Sales Pitches for Evolution

Not only are we bombarded with claims that this, that, and the other thing evolved, Darwin's handmaidens are working feverishly to give us sales pitches about the necessity of evolution. After all, they have to protect their phoney-baloney jobs, harrumph harrumph! But is evolution really useful?

Since evolutionists are committed to naturalism, they are intent on convincing Darwin doubters that evolution is useful. Not all evolutionists agree.
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Evolutionists like Dobzhansky's saying, "Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution", and take it as a proven fact. Except that it's false like other evolutionary propaganda. Evolution is, at best, unhelpful in medical science, and "junk" DNA beliefs have hindered medical science.  Since evolution is driven by materialism, not facts or logic, it is important to some sidewinders to keep the deception going.

It is interesting that the author of Why Evolution is True decided to speak out against a book of sales efforts for Darwin. However, there seem to be a couple of places where he affirms evolution by mislabeling it. (Yes, evolutionary scientists are often confused by their own beliefs.) If you study on it a mite, you may wonder why if evolution were true, they would simply let us remain ignorant and go on about their business and we go our way. It's because they are rebelling against the Creator, and they are suppressing the truth.

Although the following article is from 2008, the principles contained therein are still relevant. Here's an exercise for you: watch for the same kind of chicanery from global climate change cultists.
We have dealt with the claim that evolution produces practical benefits numerous times before on this site. However, some evolutionists have recently joined in, berating other evolutionists for producing examples of ‘Darwin-selling’ to the masses that don’t belong to Darwin. In a recent book review in Nature,4 a book was lambasted for promoting what the book’s author saw as the many commercial benefits evolution has provided us with. Jerry Coyne, the author of the review, soberly destroys many of the examples of ‘Darwin for sale’ used by the book The Evolving World: Evolution in Everyday Life by David Mindell.
You can finish reading by clicking on "No Sale for Darwin".

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