God, Creation, and Government

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Perhaps I am being a mite presumptuous, but it seems to me that scientists want to do science stuff. Biblical creation scientists as well as those of us who write and speak on that material (such as at The Question Evolution Project) would rather talk about how the Master Engineer works, that Genesis is the source of all major Christian doctrines, equip the saints, and so on. But political things creep in anyway.

Our views of origins actually impact our approach to government. Logical thinking is more important now than ever, and self-gratification is harmful.
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Although this article is emphasizing the 2020 Presidential election in the United States, it has important points for people in other parts of the world to consider — at least, those who still have rights and freedoms.

It is clear that the secular science industry has a political agenda. We've seen this with several years of global warming/climate change agenda-driven science and ignored truth [1], and now they are more blatantly supporting leftist causes [2], [3], [4]. Materialists are driven by the naturalistic narrative, so particles-to-politician evolution is emphasized. (I hear tell that up at the Darwin Ranch near Deception Pass, they dance around the maypole chanting, "Hail Darwin! Blessed be!" Although figurative and facetious, that disturbing picture is pretty close to the truth.) Since evolution is important for secularists and leftists, science and politics have coupled over COVID-19 [5].

For the most part, politics bores this child to tears. I didn't watch those discussion shows on Sunday afternoons, and now that the media are virulently leftist, they cannot be trusted to be honest and objective, so I don't watch them now, either. They have an agenda. Social media are actively censoring people who are not on the political left [6].

Don't be disunderstanding me, I'm not here to tell you who should get your vote! Voters are mainly selecting the platform (views and objectives) and voting for those who share our values. When John F. Kennedy was running for President, people were concerned that his Roman Catholic religion would interfere with his upholding of the Constitution. Similarly, people wondered if Mitt Romney's Mormon religion would interfere. He rightly said that people were not electing him to be a religious leader. And no, there is no political party that is pure. There are country-club Republicans who act like leftists, and a few Democrats who are more closely aligned to conservative values than the hard left of their own party. 

Again, we usually vote for the platforms more than for individuals. It may come as a shock to some people who make a religion out of politics and political affiliations, but not all Republicans are Christians. Conservatives value free speech and the rational exchange of ideas. Democrat politicians are frequently corrupt and often lie about their opposition. The Republican platform currently reflects values that are consistent with the Bible. Leftist values of the Democrats are essentially based on hatred of God and biblical values [7]. There are a few indicators about biblical values and worldviews in politics:
  • When B. Hussein Obama was elected, the country had a peaceful transfer of power. Republicans did not riot in the streets, commit murder, destroy businesses and the like. When Donald Trump won the election, it was the leftists who committed those atrocities and more — many blaming other people for their own actions! In fact, Democrats utilize violence today, but that is typically not the case with Republicans [8].

  • Leftists cannot win honestly. They misrepresent the Republicans and the President and have been caught lying outright, so they manipulate emotions instead of using logic, and have been repeatedly caught committing voter fraud. Conservatives want the best person for the job, leftists want people of favored ethnicities, genders, sexual preferences, and so forth.

  • Be aware of loaded terminology and misleading headlines (see the video embedded below). If you do an online search for an organization such are Parler or Bitchute that may be friendly to conservative views, leftist-run media invariably uses emotive terms like "right wing" to describe it and put those results near the top. Go ahead, search for Parler on Google and scan the results. While you're at it, look up 'Nazi Party" on Wikipedia and see how they make up "facts" to justify calling the National Socialist German Workers' Party "right wing".

    For that matter, people throw around the word fascist without knowing what it means. (Look it up your ownself and you'll see that Donald Trump is nowhere near a fascist.) Also, Google has redefined the word fascist [9] because they support leftist views [10], [11].

  • Conservatives and Christians have been censored, censured, and shadowbanned on social media platforms. It's happened to my Facebook Pages and those of other people I know. We put up our posts but they are not being distributed to most people (including our followers, and my wife and I can't even see them without actively searching). Sometimes it's bad timing for a post or a bug in the platform, but there are many reports of shadowbanning.

  • The Democrat Party supports domestic terrorist organization Black Lives Matter [12] [13] [14] without speaking against the rioting, murders, and its Marxist views.

  • For the most part, conservatives oppose abortion, but Democrats claim that killing an unborn child is "healthcare" for women. Secularists often appeal to evolutionary pseudoscience to support abortion even though life clearly begins at conception [15].

  • We keep hearing that the polling data supports leftist candidates. Polls showed that Hillary Clinton would thoroughly defeat Donald Trump. Polls apparently also showed that Brexit would not happen. One company did not use skewed data and got it right [16].
No political system or political party is perfect. All are run by sinners. 
Worldviews are important, and the leftist worldview is in keeping with Darwinian naturalistic principles. It would be catastrophic if leftists, who have a fundamentally flawed sense of morality [17], to take control of a country. (Have you ever noticed that the overwhelming majority of professing atheists not only hate God, Christians, and creationists, but are political leftists? For that matter, there are "religious" Democrats who make token observance of religions that have little or no regard for biblical authority.) Leftists have controlled countries before, but people conveniently forget about their destruction of life, liberty, and human rights. Instead, emotion-driven voters believe promises so they can get free stuff instead of trying to build up civilization.

Critical (logical) thinking is more important now than ever. Too many people "think" with their emotions and seek immediate gratification, often believing the promises of sidewinders who will say anything so they can gain power.

Now I would like to turn you over to an article that will bring many things home for you. Yes, I'm asking a lot, but the material you've read and what follows are extremely important.
What does our view of origins have to do with politics?  Everything!  A person’s view on origins will guide his or her thinking on how society should function.  Our understanding of our beginnings will inform our view of politics because it will determine our understanding of the nature of man, the nature of the universe, the existence of God, our moral responsibility, economics, and the purpose and scope of government in society. 

I'd be greatly obliged if you'd see fit to read the rest. You can do that by heading on over to "Creation and Politics". Also, you may be interested in this video that's about 7/1/2 minutes long about bad logic used in deceptive headlines:


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