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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Brain and Body are not the Soul

If you ride up past Stinking Lake (which is not as bad as it sounds) out yonder toward Deception Pass, you will find the Darwin Ranch. If you ask foreman Rusty Swingset, he may show you where their Statement of Faith insists on methodological and philosophical naturalism. This post has three parts, the last of which is an amazing short video.

Misotheists and other naturalists deny the existence of the soul and rely on physicalism. Their explanations are insufficient. Reality is found in God
Credit: Pixabay / Gerd Altmann
These tenets of faith insist not only on minerals-to-microscopist evolution, but that everything is physical. Atheism is irrational and inconsistent, so professing atheists realize deep down that it is unlivable without borrowing from the biblical worldview. Also, since believe there is no God, Judgment, afterlife — or that people have souls —  they know that the soul exists. Some naturalistic researchers try to find it in the brain (see "The Quantum Soul?").

We are more than just our physical nature. The following article uses science, logic, metaphysics, theology, and philosophy to show that we are unique and created in the image of God. Atheistic naturalism and evolutionism lack the ability to explain the necessary conditions of humanity. It is long and technical, but for those inclined to saddle up for the ride, it may vey well prove worth it.
Studies of the brain in neuroscience led to two claims about human beings: the brain is what makes them human, and the soul is no longer needed to explain life, consciousness, and human nature. In order to deal with these issues, this study commences with a brief introduction to the thought forms that underlie these claims. It then presents a biblical picture of the soul and created kinds. The aim is to show that the soul is not only the bearer of life and the first cause and director of the body’s structural development and functions, but also identical to the person/self. The final section raises a number of obstacles in the way of a physicalist, specifically, a property dualist understanding of a person as a body/brain. It closes with a brief evaluation of what a physicalist view of a person as a body/brain implies for a Christian understanding of life after death. The conclusion is that the Bible has lost none of its relevance for Christians living in today’s world dominated by scientism, naturalism, and physicalism.

To carry on, see "What Makes Us Human, and Why It Is Not the Brain: A Creationist Defense of the Soul".

In addition, a new article that has new medical science information on how the brain responds to sounds. New hope is possible for patients in comas, but this is in the early stages. Also, this is an indirect approach to scientifically reinforcing the fact that the mind is not the brain. Finally, there's a video about the power of music you simply must see.

Is ultrasound a path into the minds of some “locked-in” patients?

Scientists jump-start two people’s brains after coma ( Exciting prospects have been raised with a few successful demonstrations using ultrasound to revive patients locked in a coma. While this is not a potential intervention suitable for every kind of coma or for those in a persistent vegetative state, it may offer some family members a means of re-establishing communication with certain comatose individuals.

In 2016, one patient made significant progress when Martin Monti at UCLA used ultrasound to jump-start the brain of a patient in a coma. Now, more progress is being reported with additional patients:

For the rest of this article, go to "A Sound Mind Is Reborn".

Finally, a short (and quite moving) video that fits this pattern. Our Creator has given us many things and music interacts with the mind as well as the soul. Marta C. Gonz├ílez was afflicted with Alzheimer's Disease and memory loss. She was a ballet dancer long ago, and Tchaikovsky's music reached her. She was dancing in her own way while in the wheelchair, doing ballet choreography with her hands and upper body. Just look at her eyes while she's back in those moments! Interspersed video clips are Ulyana Lopatkina, who is dancing to The Dying Swan.

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