Consensus, COVID, and Creation Science

So many times, biblical creationists have brought evidence for a young earth, flawed science from the secular science industry, and evidence for recent creation, only to have atheists and anti-creationists circle the wagons to protect evolution from scrutiny. One attempt to slap us down is by appealing to the consensus.

Biblical creationists have been suppressed by the secular science industry for decades. Now COVID enquirers are learning what suppression feels like.
Image source before modifications: Pixnio (photographer uncredited)
Don't be disunderstanding me here, consensus has its place and I reckon we all use it to some extent. The problem happens when consensus becomes groupthink and is used to reject inconvenient evidence. Instead of honestly examining it, appeal to authority is often put into play.

Sometimes it is muzzled with a form resembling, "You can't deny evolution because you're not a scientist!' (Never mind the double standard that any tinhorn with a keyboard can argue for evolution.) Also invoked is a direct appeal to majority, but truth is not determined by the number of people who believe something — especially since things that were once considered scientific facts have changed over the years. "Scientists say..." is often a quirt used to keep true freethinkers in line. Appealing to authority, majority, and especially consensus have been harmful to society and science in many ways.

An important point was mentioned in the article featured below: appealing to the consensus is most frequently used in the absence of strong experimental data. It is also common in contentious social issues. Study on that for a spell.

This post could have been titled, "How do you like it?" Biblical creationists have been repressed by the secular science industry for decades, but when challenged to examine the evidence, secularists make excuses so they can avoid it. (Global warming/climate change proponents appeal to the consensus and suppress contrary facts.) People of both secular and religious worldviews are questioning origins of SARS-CoV-2. This has been suppressed by social(ist) media, mainstream media, and leftist politicians, but there is enough evidence to suggest that it was indeed a product of a lab in Wuhan. Is it true? Data should be honestly examined. Let's see how they feel about being pushed aside like creationists have been.

How can so many scientists be wrong? This question is routinely wielded as real evidence for evolution. I’ve heard it in discussions with people ranging from grammar school students to college professors. Given that most scientists do embrace Darwin’s selectionist account to explain the diversity of life, and since many people couple this fact with a perception that scientists are unbiased geniuses, then the question does have a powerfully persuasive effect.

For some people the overwhelming scientific consensus favoring evolution settles the debate for them—despite their likely knowledge that the number of people holding a belief isn’t really evidence for its truthfulness. Perhaps a question employed in a way to make people feel foolish for questioning clearly “unquestionable” scientific authority is the best “evidence” for evolution going.

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