The Unscientific False God of Charles Darwin

There are people who think that the great scientist Charles Darwin invented evolution because of his observations on the Gal├ípagos Islands, but that is not entirely correct. Nor was he formally trained as a scientist, but he was skilled at making observations and taking notes.

The concept of evolution is ancient, and people had toyed with it through the ages. Erasmus Darwin, his grandfather, attempted to make it scientific. Charlie had evolutionary concepts in mind when he made the trip on the Beagle.

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Eventually, Darwin compiled his thoughts and came up with evolution. He bushwhacked the principle of natural selection. Although he used it metaphorically (like many evolutionists will do), some go beyond and treat it like an active entity. Although Darwin's disciples often say that evolution is science (often conflating change and variation with Darwinian concepts), there are many ways that natural selection — and evolution itself — are unscientific.
How does evolution measure up to the scientific method? At first glance, Darwin’s “I think” drawing of the first rudimentary evolutionary tree appears to be a hypothesis. He observed that species vary widely per environment. The Galapagos Islands are a showcase for dramatic speciation, and Darwin used his observations there as a springboard for his idea that creatures somehow evolve.

But Darwin never observed one creature evolving into another creature kind—his imagination was the source of his idea. Even today, the examples evolutionists offer as demonstrations of evolution are all low-confidence science.

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If you lack evidence that Darwinists are superstitious, watch how they treat natural selection like a genie in a bottle. Read some of their Darwinese lingo in press releases. Their mindless god is omnipotent, omniscient and all-wise. There is nothing it cannot do.

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