Evolutionists Cling to Faith Despite Evidence

It must be difficult for secular scientists to cling to their faith, since there are so many discoveries that knock them back on their expensive heels. Time and time again, we see excuses and ad hoc rescuing device manufactured when something "emerged earlier than thought", or when space probes bring back data that show youthful activity in our solar system. For that matter, distant stars, galaxies and planets are recalcitrant toward cosmic evolution, including the recent stars near a black hole that should not exist.

Although statements like these make evolutionists angry enough to put on hooded robes and burn Darwin statues in my yard, they need to cowboy up and admit that not only is atheism a religion, but so is evolutionism! The reason that more evolutionists are not swayed by the evidence is because the origins controversy is spiritual, not evidential

"The Adventure of the Three Students" by Sidney Paget, 1904, modified at PhotoFunia
There is a single-frame cartoon circulating. It shows paleontologists looking into a hole. They see the skeleton of a dinosaur that is biting into a flying saucer. One says, "This complicates things." I like that one.

How often do secular scientists see that their presuppositions are failing, things get complicated, so they dig in deeper? Indeed, it is sad to watch them reject the Creator in favor of blind, gibbering materialism. It will not save them, nor will it even give them true intellectual satisfaction. The evidence consistently points to the Creator, recent creation, the global Genesis Flood, and more. It sad and frustrating to watch this, but only God can wake them out of their somnambulism.
Chances are you may not have heard of renowned writer and Yale University professor David Gelernter (School of Engineering and Applied Science). He has been making waves since acknowledging that he now rejects Darwinian evolution. In an interview organised in 2019 by the prestigious Hoover Institution (Stanford University, California), Gelernter lamented the obstruction of free speech experienced by anyone trying to voice alternatives to evolution, such as Intelligent Design. Worse still, he said, some pro-Darwinian academics actually seek to destroy the careers of dissenters:

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