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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Cartoon Death Toll

...So I'm listening to the news and the announcer is saying, "The cartoon death toll is now at nine." The Cartoon Death Toll????! I am speechless, realizing that I had never heard that phrase before nor had I expected to hear it.

This is play time for radicals, they are able to take a mean-spirited religion and twist it into a symphony of death to play to the brainwashed mob. Crowds cheer as people burn Danish flags, storm and burn down embassies, shoot bullets into signs depicting Denmark and things Danish and even attack churches. One has to wonder if perhaps it is true that Syria and Iran might be behind the rioting, taking the focus off of their own issues with the West while giving the average terrorist a shot of adrenaline in the process.

Michelle asks if the blogworld or the liberal news media are at fault here, while RWN points out how lame our own MSM have acted....finally, Cox & Forkum points out the, eh, cowardice and appeasement mentality of many in the Western world.

Maybe the Belmont Club has it all figured out.

I say that whether the cartoons were appropriate or not, a cartoon is nothing to kill, burn, and maim about unless it is YOU, the killer, burner and maimer, who is the twisted freak rather than the cartoonist. There is no excuse for these riots and everyone with one ounce of common sense should condemn them and refuse to back down from them even one inch. What do you say???

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Forty_Two said...

Those nutjobs are George Bush's greatest allies.

Hawkeye® said...

I'm 100% with you Radar. NOBODY has the right to be offended to the point that should be allowed to kill, maim, destroy property, or threaten the lives of others. Besides, it's not that effective. It just makes the victims of the violence offended.

There is growing evidence that these riots were planned and incited by Iran and Syria. It should be noted that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran recently met with Bashar al-Assad of Syria (widely believed by intelligence sources to be plotting schemes against their U.S. and European opponents).

Motives? Ahmadinejad no doubt wants to divert the world's attention from his nuclear ambitions. Assad wants to divert the world's attention from his involvement in the assassination of Lebanese Prime
Minister Rafic Hariri.

radar said...

Good points. Ahmadinejad is the new Ghaddafi, or worse. He has the ego and just enough of a nutcase factor besides to be extremely dangerous.