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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

More News from Algoria

Algoria (formerly known as San Francisco) Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval was interviewed on cable news program Hannity & Colmes on Tuesday evening (February 14th). His Valentine's Day message was clear: He doesn't want the USS Iowa docked (at no expense to the city-state) in the harbor and they doesn't believe in the US Troops. Sandoval stated that the military of the United States should be disarmed.

Expose The Left manages to, er, expose the left in this posting.

In other news, Algoria has invited the ACLU to change their name to the, erm, ACLU and move their headquarters to San Francisco. Since the ACLU is recently flush with US funds, some have called Algoria's motives into question. But there are those who believe that the City by the Bay and the ACLU truly are birds of a feather.

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