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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Name the ACLU contest...Enemas of the State.

Thanks for all who participated in the Moonbat slogan contest and to the winner, Debbie, for "Enemas of the State". One of the most prominent "enemas" has proven to be the ACLU.

Today we are announcing a week-long contest to put words to the acronym ACLU. Nothing blasphemous or profane, please, make it suitable for a general audience, One has to be a bit more clever to do it right. The winner will be invited to submit a guest posting to Radaractive. Contest ends at midnight on February 22nd.

Now here is some material to work with.....

StoptheACLU gives us the top ten myths about the ACLU.

StoptheACLU also has this post concerning what they are up to right now...excerpted:

"It may be the photos that America doesn’t want to be seen, but that doesn’t stop the MSM from showing them. It looks like more photos of the same incident, yet the media are immediately publishing them, and the ACLU are excited!"

Pamela at Atlas Shrugs makes a case for the ACLU to be named a terrorist organization.

RightWingDuck and IMAO make the Al Queda- ACLU connection here.

One thing for sure, if you aren't an enema of the state, the ACLU will ignore you. Just as they have ignored the plight of the two brave University of Illinois student editors who Michele tells us have now been suspended!

Also see ACLU-sers


oriolebird38 said...

I am determined to win this contest, just so I could submit a guest posting and just fill it with all sorts of commie-hippie liberal trash which all of you will just LOVE. Maybe I could just put up the Communist Manifesto, or wax poetics about how lucky we are to have been under the guidence of Jimmy Carter. Or even how great it could've been with Mondale/Ferraro '80. I would cap with a dissertation praising Al Gore for his invention which made this all possible. And if I still have some time and space, I'll argue why Don Drysdale, Orel Hershiser, and Sandy Koufax are the greatest pitchers of all time. Aren't you just so EXCITED?!

I spend so much time day-dreaming about that post, I don't even have a good submission to your contest. Maybe tomorrow.


radar said...

Yahoo, something to live for!!!!!!!!!!!

steve(cubby) said...


American Cadre Lacking Understanding

Debbie said...

The A.C.L.U. has shown itself in reasent years to stand for


Bill said...