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Thursday, November 16, 2006

SAN FRANCISCO VALUES - Crisis time in America

Nancy Pelosi is an extremely liberal politician, a Democrat who hails from San Francisco. She is not only the first woman Speaker of the House, which is kind of cool, but she is also the richest. It is interesting to note that although the Democrats are supposedly the party of the Union working man, Nancy's vineyards and hotels use non-union (and) illegal immigrants as laborers. Hypocrite, thy name is Pelosi!

But I don't care much about Nancy. One politician is not a big deal. What IS a big deal is what she represents: San Francisco values. Now, I am not the author of that term. Bill O'Reilly of Fox News is apparently the first to publicize that term. He is the author of a book about the culture war in America and of course his evening cable show is the top rated show of its kind, so you probably know who he is.

O'Reilly is not a classic conservative (like Sean Hannity) and certainly he isn't a liberal(Alan Colmes). He is best described as a populist. He leans more conservative than liberal and I often agree with him, although I cringe every time he attempts to comment on something in the Bible (Bill, you don't have a clue, have you ever READ it?) and he occasionally asks a guest a question and then doesn't truly elicit a genuine response because he is too busy answering his own question or doesn't realize that his question has been skillfully evaded. Okay, Bill, you got your props for the term...

What are San Francisco values? Hmm, let's check the news:

SAN FRANCISCO TO BOOT JROTC PROGRAMS - San Francisco again gives our military a one-fingered salute by voting to ban JROTC from area schools. Never mind that 1,600 kids will be hurt by this decision, kids who praised the program for bringing discipline and self-confidence into their lives. One political wonk declared that this action would stop the military from recruiting "...killing machines for big corporations." San Francisco is, of course, the only place in the country to ban the ROTC. Last year the San Francisco school board passed a measure opposing military recruiting on campus. Now kids who received extra credits for the program will have lost this opportunity and kids who actually do want to make the military their career choice will lose a valuable chance to gain training and rank before actually joining the service. Thus the fallacy that San Franciscans value individual freedom and opportunity. NO, San Francisco is only in favor of the freedoms favored by the elitist left. If a kid wants the freedom to join the JROTC, he'll have to leave Algorica and move to an actual American city. I am reminded of the words of Mark Twain: "In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards."

San Francisco Supervisors Vote to Deprioritize Adult Marijuana Offenses - With one hand busy flipping off the military, San Franciscans are apparently holding a joint with the other.

Remember the Christian Youth Rally this summer?
25,000 kids showed up to rally in favor of traditional values and loving their neighbors. They were met by angry counter-protestors whose attitudes are summed up thusly: Democratic State Assemblyman Mark Leno, talking to the counter-protesters, referred to the Battle Cry rally as a "fascist mega-pep rally," and said the Christian teens involved in the rally should "get out of San Francisco." This in a city that has long been touting the importance of "tolerance" to support the homosexual movement.

These are the values:

Atheists are good, Christians are bad

Homosexuals are good, heterosexuals are tolerated, usually.

Druggies are welcome, soldiers are not

Freedom applies to liberal agendas, not to conservative ideas


Did the American public really understand what they were doing when they voted for Democrats and put the Pelosi Monster at the head of the Congressional class? I truly wonder. One of my commenters said that the Republicans didn't get their message across and the Democrats did. Too bad the message didn't include the truth. Really, Democrats primarily depended on the ignorance of the electorate concerning Iraq and rather blindly and stupidly called for "Change!" What change, how? That was never expressed intelligently. Democrats depended upon the wisdom of P T Barnum: “There's a sucker born every minute”!

Nevertheless, many new Democrats in Congress ran as moderates and today's decision bears this out. Steny Hoyer is the new House Majority Leader, having soundly defeated Pelosi favorite John "Cut-and-Run" Murtha.

Nov. 16 (Bloomberg) -- House Democrats elected Steny Hoyer to the No. 2 post in their caucus for the next session of Congress, handing a defeat to their own leader, Nancy Pelosi, who campaigned against him.

Hoyer beat Representative John Murtha of Pennsylvania, who is best known for calling last year for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. Hoyer, of Maryland, is currently Democratic whip, the second-highest leadership job. The vote was 149-86.

Yes, now that they have more responsibility for the situation in Iraq, many Democrats will back off of the idea of immediate or scheduled withdrawal because now they have a dog in the fight! Having the majority in Congress means accountability. If Congress succeeds in forcing us out of Iraq, those Democratic Congressmen will be responsible for the results. Those of us who observe from the outside will not let such decisions be forgotten.

Here is the crisis: Will the new Democratic majority in Congress lead us to disaster? If they follow the lead of Nancy Pelosi and those of her ilk, we will withdraw from Iraq, thus encouraging terrorist attacks on our soil. The tax cuts will be withdrawn, hurting normal people in the wallet and slamming the brakes on our growing economy. Freedom for all will be codespeak for eliminating traditional values and substituting San Francisco values. America, is that really what you wanted????


highboy said...

Right on. Give San Francisco to the Canadians. They have much in common. I can't believe people in SF keep electing the officials they do. When your leaders think your military should be disbanded, there are serious problems with the electorate that votes for him.

xiangtao said...

"although I cringe every time he attempts to comment on something in the Bible (Bill, you don't have a clue, have you ever READ it?)"

This is exactly how I feel about Ann Coulter's take on evolution

highboy said...

I'm particularly disgusted with some SF arguments that pushed for the ban of JROTC from public schools. Only in SF would you see this kind of crap.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Hiya Radar!..long time no see..great review here..I heard this and what about the timing..right after a college on the Left coast bans the pledge of allegiance!

loboinok said...

This is exactly how I feel about Ann Coulter's take on evolution

The Bible has been around alot longer than evolution, so Bill has less of an excuse.

Bill said...

There's a certain sick part of me that looks forward to the day when Kim Jung Ill nukes San Fransisco.

It would be a sort poetic justice to see a city that is so anti-military destroyed by a tyrant that they admire.

Did I mention it was small sick part of my psyche?

Paul Winston said...

In SF - policy is more about making you feel good rather than achieving actual results. The JROTC debacle is the perfect example. The school board votes to abolish the program BEFORE they come up with any alternatives. Now, they want to study what they can replace it with.

Shouldn't they have done that first? Oh, I forgot, logic and reason have no place in SF politics.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe San Francisco has a football team! Football is a microcosm of everything good and glorious about America. Rough and tumble, fast and furious, elegant and orderly - in a chaotic sort of way, good (your team) versus evil (the other guy's team). And, of course, all the trash talk about manliness (or lack thereof), having spine or balls, and calling the weak and lame names such as "wussy" or worse. I guess the only reason the 49er's are still there is because the so called "tolerance" that San Franciscans practice.

radar said...

The sad thing from my point of view is that I used to really love The City. I have many great memories of time spent there with my first fiance, with friends and even with family. The San Francisco I knew is dead.

California Conservative said...

Great post!

San Francisco "values"..? Yeah, we've been chronicling them, reporting from the belly of the beast.

Keep up the good fight.


oriolebird38 said...

Well, anonymous, the 49ers are pretty terrible. Maybe that's part of it.