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Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Earth is young, Evolution is falsified and the Biblical Creation Account is rocks??? An Ian Juby-fest!!!

Dinosaurs and man together? The fossil rocks say YES and they say it emphatically!!!

By rocks.  Yes!   The sedimentary rocks of the Earth not only contain fossils, but also tracks of both dinosaurs and humans and other creatures.   When we find dinosaur prints with human prints, we confirm all the vast amounts of historical evidence and artifacts and other proofs that have been presented.   Accounts of man and dinosaur together have been found and compiled by Bill Cooper, for instance, in his online book found in my links list.   Carvings of dinosaurs and pictures of dinosaurs and figurines of dinosaurs are found in great numbers.   Darwinists do their best to dismiss them but lying is a very poor way to address evidence and it doesn't fool people forever.  The finds of human footprints along with dinosaur footprints just destroys all the mythology of millions of years of evolution...just as all the vast numbers of anomalies in the sedimentary rocks should have done, just as the debunking of both uniformitarianism and the standard geological column should have done.   So the theme of this post is tracks in the rocks and lies about the rocks.  When we dispel the lies about the rock layers, you have only the Noahic Flood and post-flood dynamic events to explain the fossil rocks and rightly so!

Ian Juby is spotlighted today and his videos are the primary evidential tool being used.  So here is one about the geological column:

More on the Delk Track is found on my blog.  Two examples:

Dinosaur and Human Tracks Confound Darwinists

I've posted dozens of articles on major problems with the Darwinist mythology about the sedimentary rocks.   Long ages and layers representing long ages has all been shown to be nonsense, but Darwinists cannot stand to even think of the alternative, so they cling to their impossible claims anyway.  I invite you to research on my blog about polystrate fossils, megabreccias, out of sequence layers, the Mt. St. Helens events which were like a laboratory experiment explaining how the Grand Canyon, for instance, was formed by flooding and not a tiny river somehow running uphill for three thousand feet to cut through a dome that it would have simply gone around.  For just three:

Did you know that dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible?  Yes, in the Book of Job and the Psalms, for instance.   Ian Juby again, exposing why ignorance will easily lead Christians away from truth.  It is incumbent upon a wise man or woman to explore their worldview and continue to audit their own presuppositions and what they are based upon lest they fall into grave error - as did Templeton and (unsurprisingly) Robertson.   You really cannot be an intelligent Christian AND accept long ages with evolution.   As Ian explains, whenever another piece of evidence disproves a tenet of evolution, the Darwinists move the goalposts and just adjust their myth to accommodate things that should falsify their beliefs.  But evidence is not at the heart of Darwinism, but rather religion, so many Darwinists will lie and hide evidence and falsify evidence rather than face the truth.  From Huxley to Haeckel to Gingerich and many in between, the deliberately deceptive leaders of the Darwinist movement have never had an allegiance to truth, only to what story might possibly be believed by the majority of people unfamiliar with the details of the evidence.  

Don't be one of "those guys" who simply swallow the Darwin line without discerning whether it is credible thinking and dependable evidence.  This former evolution-believer has been convinced beyond any doubt that the Earth and the Universe is quite young and that the Bible is truly historically and scientifically accurate.

Finally, more on real flesh remains of dinosaurs,  something that has become commonplace since Mary S. and her T. Rex was found to have flesh and blood remains.   Once that cat was out of the bag, paleontologists all over the world began to unveil their own such findings.  Makes you wonder how many flesh remains were covered up by Darwinists for the first 150 years of the age of Darwin?  After the revelation of actual skin being found, there is an interview with Dr. Aaron Judkins concerning the probability that there are many thousands of human footprints that have been detected and some of them found with dinosaur tracks or even in rock that supposedly predates the dinosaurs (by evolutionary reckoning)!   The sandal print with the trilobites was one of my favorites, but I hope we discover more about the "Russian Paluxy" in the near future.

Laetoli Footprints Out of Step with Evolution