Evolutionists Upset Over Lack of Evidence

Here is a simple concept in logic. If you are putting forward an idea or hypothesis, there should be evidence to support it. For that matter, additional data should give it further credence. You with me so far? If there is nothing reinforcing the idea, then it should be discarded. It does not happen with evolution, though. No siree! 

Darwinists are upset that the facts do not support their ideas. Creationists have said all along that evidence is lacking and there is no consensus.
Modified from an image by Mwangi Gatheca at Unsplash
Believers work in Charlie Darwin's Fudge Factory and use the complex scientific principle of Making Things Up™ when they should realize that the facts support recent creation. Darwin's votaries are making excuses and also fudging what little data they have. Some lamented that the evidence just isn't there — which is something biblical creationists have said all along.

Also, some evolutionists say there is a "mosaic" of parts. In a real mosaic, don't things belong together for the most part? There is also a lack of consensus about the "fact" human evolution. Rock solid there, Sebastian, everyone riding off in different directions.
Public school textbooks assert that apes and humans emerged from an ape-like animal, whereas Genesis 1 says that God created humans and the different animal kinds right from the start. What difficulties would one expect researchers to encounter as they search for evidence of human evolution if humans never actually evolved? Two excuses in a recent summary of the sad status of human evolution unwittingly verify what the Bible has been saying all along about where humans came from.

Publishing in America’s top journal, Science, Sergio Alm├ęcija at the American Museum of Natural History led a small team to report big difficulties with the story that primates and people share an ancestral animal. The big problem? Alm├ęcija summarized it in a research post, saying, “When you look at the narrative for hominin origins, it’s just a big mess—there’s no consensus whatsoever.”

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