Frankensteining Cosmogony and the Giant Arc

Secular cosmogonists have this thing called the cosmological principle that, simply put, matter should be evenly distributed and everything looks the same from every direction in the universe. It should all be nice and smooth due to the Big Bang. That is, if someone could look at it from the point of view of the Creator that they deny. It is not going well.

Whenever a problem is found with the Big Bang, secularists keep Frankensteining rescuing devices onto it. Now they have to deal with the Giant Arc.
Image credit: Robert Williams and the Hubble Deep Field Team (STScI) and NASA
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Things seemed nice and tidy for cosmic evolution in the minds of secularists, but the cosmological principle is having problems. It seems that every time there's a difficulty with the Big Bang, rescuing devices are Frankensteined into it instead of scrapping the thing. But we know, we know: the narrative of materialism is more important than actual data — or decent science.

Though the universe should be smooth, but it's lumpier than the grits they serve at the Darwin Ranch. Let's see how they deal with the newest problem called the Giant Arc. Calling Dr. Frankenstein! You are needed in the Cosmogony Department. Again. Oh, boy. Just keep denying the reality of recent creation and keep those tax grotzits coming in.

How many times have we been told that “new physics” are needed to explain the universe?

Another record-breaking structure adds to the “lumpiness problem” in cosmology – the conundrum that our universe is not the smooth, homogeneous display one might expect from a big bang. Bas den Hond writes Tontologically in New Scientist: “Line of galaxies is so big it breaks our understanding of the universe.” Was your understanding broken, or just theirs?

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