Mathematics Cannot be Racist

Western civilization is accelerating into a spiral ever-increasing absurdity. Misotheists are becoming more vituperative, science is being used as an authority figure to further leftist ends, critical race theory is a tool for neo-Marxism. A month was designated to celebrate black people which was hijacked to promote the wicked BLM movement (which is a religious ideology without hope), and we were bombarded with demands to support black businesses (no, I support good products and services at fair prices), and so on.

Society is becoming increasingly absurd. One example is the claim that math is racist. This is even more ridiculous because it expresses God's nature.
Credit: Pixabay / Gerd Altmann
June is the month to celebrate taking pride in unnatural sexual practices, and again, we are bombarded with advertisements and media programming for this. Did anyone even know that May is Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month? My streaming services were not setting aside categories for this like they did the others, no advertising in my email, television, or the post office box. Maybe leftists didn't find a way to make them into useful idiots. People are being "deplatformed" by cancel culture, yet the Bearded Buddha is still sitting pretty. I guess materialism negates outrage at racism, and the fact that evolution is fully compatible with Marxist ideas keeps Darwin on his pedestal.

Make-your-own-truth postmodernism is prompting people to declare that mathematics is racist. Oh, please! That is appallingly stupid! Although hating white people is in vogue, there is no rational way to turn math into something racist. If those feckless race baiters want to be consistent, they need to stop using math themselves, and that's going to be mighty difficult because we all use it in one form or another every day. Do they live in buildings that were designed by engineers? Do they count the days? Do they listen to digital music? Do they use computers, go online, watch streaming services? They'd better stop.

Yes, I get mighty riled at such blatant stupidity. The fact that "math is racist" stuff is given the time of day prompts me to think of two things: people lack logical thinking skills, and that we are under God's judgment. All of the things I mentioned can be herded into the corral of "God gave them over" (Rom. 1:28). Logic is a reflection of God's nature, and we are bearers of God's image, so we can use it.

Mathematics is also an expression of God's nature. (If you study on it, it seems that calling math "racist" is insulting to God.) Digging deeper, we learn that, like logic, mathematics is a reflection of God's nature. Naturalism and evolutionism cannot explain immaterial things.

Did you know that mathematics could be racist, and that there is such a thing as ‘white math’? A claim is being made in some US academic circles that to insist that there is a correct answer to a statement like ‘2 + 2 = x’, is inherently racist, and that mathematics needs to be made antiracist. . . . 

Bertrand Russell (1872–1970) a prominent anti-Christian philosopher and mathematician, a professed atheist, and Sergiu Klainerman, a professor of mathematics at Princeton University, among others, would disagree with the premise that mathematics is inherently racist. From a Christian perspective, we can add the fact that the basic principles of logic and mathematics cannot be racist nor are they in any way subjective human constructs, because they come from the perfect (Psalm 18:30) and holy (1 Samuel 2:2; Revelation 4:8) mind of God. Let us explore the reality that mathematics comes from the mind of God.

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