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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Noahic Flood - The Big Mistake of James Hutton helped mislead humanity for over 200 years!!! The current Creation Model explained.

James Hutton.  A man who was a major factor in the successful attempt by Atheists and Atheopaths to "kick God out of science" even though it was men who believed in God who actually invented modern science!  

Some of the men who helped promote this mythology to the level of supposed accepted fact were intentionally dishonest.   Among them were Charles Lyell, who deliberately faked evidence to fit his pet hypothesis of Uniformitarianism and Ernst Haeckel, whose fake embryo drawings still persist in textbooks even today and were critical in the promotion of Darwinist Evolution.   After the first post, there will be a review of the information presented primarily by video in the last post.  Let's take a look at the iconic location that helped inspire Hutton to promote a tragically wrong hypothesis and understand why he was wrong and what he should have seen.   

Would Lyell have been successful in promoting his hypothesis without the foundational assumptions promoted by Hutton?  Would the potentially groundbreaking work of Antonio Snider-Pelligrini published in 1859 then have helped push the assertions of Darwin aside in the eyes of the scientific community?   After all,  at about the same time Darwin's first book was published, Louis Pasteur had put the lie to Chemical Evolution aka Spontaneous Generation of organisms in 1861 and Edward Blyth (1835) had associated Natural Selection with Creationism beforehand.   Another Creationist, Gregor Mendel, published his findings on genetics in 1866 but his work was not immediately appreciated.  At a time when mankind could have advanced knowledge of biology and geology rapidly, the concepts of long ages and evolution became a drag on research and a giant money suck.  How much money has been spent trying to find organisms evolving, force them to evolve, or search the skies for some sign of alien life?

Could we subtract Darwin and Lyell and Hutton and Haeckel from the equation, mankind would have made far more headway on understanding not only the workings of the cell but also advances in medicine as well. Consider how mankind would benefit from science working together to apply knowledge of genetics and DNA to the ailments and mutations of mankind, not hindered by ideas like vestigial organs "Junk DNA" and other nonsensical Darwinist blunders.  

In hopes of being part of the change mechanism that brings science back to truth, abandoning reworked ancient mythologies, more on the Noahic Flood that reshaped the planet:

Unmasking a long-age icon

Next up, we have:

Catastrophic Plate Tectonics: A Global Flood Model of Earth History 

by Independent researchers Steven Austin, ICR, John Baumgardner, Los Alamos National Laboratory, D. Russell Humphreys, Sandia National Laboratories; Andrew Snelling, Answers in Genesis (USA); Larry Vardiman, ICR; Kurt Wise, Truett-McConnell College 


 In 1859 Antonio Snider proposed that rapid, horizontal divergence of crustal plates occurred during Noah’s Flood. Modern plate tectonics theory is now conflated with assumptions of uniformity of rate and ideas of continental “drift.” Catastrophic plate tectonics theories, such as Snider proposed more than a century ago, appear capable of explaining a wide variety of data—including biblical and geologic data which the slow tectonics theories are incapable of explaining. We would like to propose a catastrophic plate tectonics theory as a framework for Earth history.