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Sunday, March 03, 2013

A compendium of Darwinism is dead-er than dead!!!

I want to thank Piltdown Superman and any who contribute to THIS SITE for compiling this list and Boney Whitefoot for publishing it in this manner.  BW is an excellent photographer.   For some reason I seem to get along well with those who live in Australia or New Zealand or who may hail from those two nations.  Aussies and Kiwis are not the same, however, a remarkable percentage of those I have met from both areas have been interesting and quite friendly.   Perhaps if I actually make some real money I can travel Down Under for a spell?  

Earlier I posted a pretty comprehensive overview of dating methods from and a couple of Ian's videos as well - 

Volcanoes in space? Toads alive for 400 million years? Maybe the Earth and Solar System are YOUNG after all? Over 101 reasons why...

This is the list from one to twelve of posts featuring Ian Juby videos.

What is Creation and Evolution and who cares? The beginning…
What is Creation and Evolution…part two
What is Creation and Evolution and who cares? Part Three
What is Creation and Evolution and who cares? Part Four!
What is Creation and Evolution and who cares? Part Five!
What is Creation and Evolution and Who Cares? Part Six
What is Creation and Evolution and Who Cares? Part 7!
What is Creation and Evolution and Who Cares? Part 8!
What is Creation and Evolution and Who Cares? Part 9! The Chinese three wise men edition.
What is Creation and Evolution and Who Cares? Part 10!
What is Creation and Evolution and Who Cares? Part 11!
What is Creation and Evolution and Who Cares? The End?

You can go to each individual post, and/or you might want to check out the permanent online articles:

Listing Darwinist Lies Online (just a few of them, one could spend an entire life just counting up Darwinist lies, so it is just a few major ones)

!_The Ultimate Information Post is a group of articles about information that reveal a few basic facts - information has no natural source, intelligence is required to allow for the transmission and reception of information, information is required to have coded DNA and to operate the cell and many other interesting pieces of evidence that Darwinists try to avoid discussing.

Fact is, there are numerous organizations that acknowledge the obvious - God created the Universe - and are studying the Universe learning how to apply that knowledge to common human problems.   Creation Science and Intelligent Design Science both acknowledge that the Universe is designed, from massive galaxies to minuscule bacteria.   They have to spend part of their time educating the public to try to undo all the idiotic brainwashing, but that is not much compared to the millions of man-hours and billions of dollars spent to prove the absurd - that everything evolved from nothing for no reason.    From astrophysicists trying to make sense of equations that consist primarily of fictitious and unobserved matter and energy to microbiologists seeking to explain how irreducibly and remarkably efficient miniature machines and systems were "built" by a series of miraculous mistakes that amazingly made things better.   

Mutations are mistakes, they are broken pieces of code, malfunctioning portions of an organism, they are deleterious to organisms.   The genetic pool of organisms loses good information and builds up mutations and this is a process that will eventually kill off humanity if we do not figure out how to fix it or if God decides the time has come to end things.  On occasion something broken will appear to be an improvement, such as the Citrate bacteria (bacteria can even trade genetic materials that are already in existence), as I have mentioned many times (here is one).  

Yes, sometimes when something breaks it can have a purpose, a use that it did not have before.   The example I like to give in a classroom setting is a common three-legged stool.   A stool is a convenient thing to sit on, or to lay things down on temporarily, or you might use it as something to stand on to reach a high shelf.   But it would not make a good stickball bat.  However, if someone too heavy sat on the stool and broke it, a kid might find that one of the legs would be a good stickball bat and use it for that purpose.   Did a stool evolve into a stickball bat?   Of course not, it is broken and cannot do what the stool was designed to do but the stick that remains can hit a ball better than could a chair.   Citrate bacteria are actually bacteria which lost a capability, not gained one.  It was simply a kind of broken stool serving as a stickball bat.  As a recent article I shared with you by Dr. Rob Carter explains with this excerpt:

"...Degraded information

There are abundant examples in the evolutionary literature where genetic degradation has been used in an attempt to show an increase in information over time. Examples include sickle cell anemia (which confers a resistance to the malaria parasite by producing deformed hemoglobin molecules),40 aerobic citrate digestion by bacteria (which involves the loss of control of the normal anaerobic citrate digestion),41 and nylon digestion by bacteria (which involves a loss of substrate specificity in one enzyme contained on an extra-chromosomal plasmid).42 Since they all involve decay of prior information, none of these examples are satisfactory evidence for an increase in biological complexity over time.

Antibiotic resistance in bacteria

This has been dealt with so many times that I hesitate to even mention it. However, for some reason evolutionists keep bringing it up, almost ad nauseam. The interested reader can easily find many articles on the subject, with detailed creationist rebuttals.43

General gain-of-function mutations

Evolution requires gain-of-function (GOF) mutations, but evolutionists have had a difficult time coming up with good examples.44 Adaptive immunity, homologous recombination, antibiotic resistance in bacteria, and sickle-cell anemia in humans have all been used as examples, but, as detailed above, each of these examples fails to meet the requirements of a true GOF. The general lack of examples, even theoretical examples, of something absolutely required by evolution is strong testimony against the validity of evolutionary theory..."
The cited sources for the excerpt are below:
Konotey-Ahulu, F., Sickle-cell anemia does not prove evolution! Creation 16(2):40–41, 1994. Return to text.
Batten, D., The adaptation of bacteria to feeding on nylon waste, Journal of Creation 17(3):30–5, 2003. Return to text.
Lightner, J.K., Gain-of-function mutations: at a loss to explain molecules-to-man evolution, Journal of Creation 19(3):7–8, 2005. Return to text.

While I have often posted information from and Ian Juby, the first great Creation Science ministry was built by Dr. Henry Morris and some comrades.   They clue the reader in right off the bat!

Willingly Ignorant

For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water: Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished. (2 Peter 3:5-6)
It is helpful to remember that the arguments concerning creation versus naturalistic evolution are not a new scientific issue. The apostle Peter understood that the philosophy that rejected the message of Scripture was not scientifically based, but rather it was an open and conscious rejection of the evidence available in the “things that are made”—demonstrating that the very character of the Godhead and His eternal power are “clearly seen” (Romans 1:20). More...

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You cannot say that the information was hidden from you!

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